May Is Lyme Disease Awareness Month

May 25, 2017

tick latched onto blade of grass

Did you know that Lyme disease is caused by the blacklegged deer tick? They are responsible for causing over 20,000 cases of reported Lyme disease each year. The tick bite is usually painless which is why many do not even know they’ve been bitten. The first sign that there is a problem occurs a few weeks after the bite when people begin to experience symptoms of Lyme, but by then it could be too late to reverse the debilitating effects of this disease. One of the best ways to protect yourself from contracting Lyme is to check your body, and your child’s body, for ticks after spending time outdoors, especially if you have been in grassy or wooded areas. Be sure to follow the recommended guidelines for removing a tick if one is found.

Deer ticks can be responsible for other diseases too like Rocky Mountain spotted fever, babesiosis, and several forms of encephalitis. If you or a family member know they’ve been bitten by a tick, don’t hesitate to have the bite looked at by a medical professional. Dog ticks are more of a danger to dogs by infecting them with similar diseases, but generally, they will not latch on to a human.

As a preventative, use vet approved flea and tick products on your pets, bug repellent on humans, and wear light-colored clothing to be able to spot a tick more easily. If possible, wear long pants tucked into socks and long tight-cuffed sleeves while in the woods to prevent ticks from gaining access to your skin.

Also to help you out, here are some tick prevention tips for your yard:

  • Keep your lawn mowed
  • Remove leaves from the ground
  • Place a three-foot wide barrier of gravel between your lawn and the woods
  • Keep vegetation low
  • Do not walk in tall grass
  • Vacuum your home frequently
  • Most importantly, call a pest control professional to prevent tick infestations

Innovative Pest Control can help! We can give you relief from ticks by reducing their population in your yard. We have an extensive outdoor tick control program that you can trust to help keep you and your loved ones healthy. Call today for a consultation. Together, we can find the best tick control solution for you.

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