Little House Mice Creating Texas-Sized Problems In Tyler 

October 9, 2019

a tiny little house mouse hiding behind a television console as it has bitten into wiring and started nesting within a tyler texas home

Tiny, grey, and full of hungry energy, it’s no wonder that even the mighty elephant is afraid of this small rodent.

House mice are short-haired rodents with light brown or grey fur covering their 2-4-inch bodies. With their long tails, short ears, and big feet, their cute appearance can easily trick homeowners into believing that mice infestations aren’t as bad as they really are. Gnaw marks, scampering inside walls and ceilings, trail marks, and scurrying during the night quickly become an unbearable reality as mouse families continue to breed. House mice are more likely to invade in the fall due to dropping temperatures and less available food sources. This time of year is critical for Texas mouse preventative measures

Untreated, house mice infestations will ruin floors, furniture, and even stored foods with their constant gnawing habits. Scampering across the home, mice can leave trails of highly contagious disease-causing pathogens in food, on kitchen counters, and along sensitive surfaces like sinks and toilets.  The most common mouse-borne illness known as hantavirus is spread through water droplets in the air, increasing the reach of the virus. The house mouse’s ability to breed every three weeks creates an added urgency for protecting your home from fall freeloaders.   


Mouse Muting Methods 

House mice are present all across Tyler, but following these five easy steps can greatly reduce the probability for infestations on your property.

  • Clean up all food messes promptly after cooking, snacking, or eating. Dishes should be washed or placed in a dishwasher to prevent food smells from attracting rodents.

  • Keep pet food put away when not in use. The oily scents and easy access can quickly attract mealtime competitors to your favorite furry friends' food.

  • Keep all human food stored in tightly sealed containers. Ziplock bags, Tupperware, and other strong items.

  • Keep all trash in covered bins.

  • Check your house’s structure for possible entry points (cracks, rips, gaps, etc.).

Once a house mouse brood finds its way into your property, it will take professional services to fully remove the threat. 


Mitigate the Mice with Innovative Control 

Homeowners can place traps around the property to reduce house mouse numbers in the event of an infestation, but the risk for bites, disease, and continued breeding may outweigh your efforts. For complete and accurate mice control, contact the professionals at Innovative Pest Control. Our 27 years in service has taught us how to be tough on pests, so you don’t have to. 


Reach out to us today to schedule a free, no-obligation inspection and discover how Innovative can take care of your house mouse problem as well as other invasive pests.

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