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July 13, 2021

How To Spot Early Warning Signs Of Roaches In Your Tyler Home

Everyone has those moments in their lives where something just feels off. Maybe it's the lighting, or maybe your eyes didn't focus properly, but you could've sworn you saw something move in the corner of your eye. It could just be paranoia, but you know you don't want pests like cockroaches living in your Tyler home. So, what kind of hard evidence can you look for before a potential infestation gets out of hand?

a cockroach inside a home

Common Cockroaches That Invade Tyler Homes

It's a little-known fact that not all species of cockroaches try to infest residences. Truthfully, most cockroaches just can't survive domestic conditions, and often die within the first 48 hours of scurrying inside. While this is a welcome relief, this still isn't the case for four specific species in particular, as they're the most commonly found invasive species in Tyler:

  • American Cockroaches

  • Brown-banded Cockroaches

  • German Cockroaches

  • Oriental Cockroaches

Appearance-wise, they all have their own distinctive characteristics. Some are light brown, while some are practically black in color. They can grow between ½ of an inch in length to over two inches long. Some have stripes, while others are more rounded at each end, but they all have the same familiar oval-shaped flat bodies we've all grown to hate. I wouldn't worry too much about getting a glimpse of them, though; if you have an ongoing infestation, you're much more likely to discover evidence long before you actually see a live cockroach.

Cockroach Evidence #1: Excrement

This evidence is much easier to discover if you keep a relatively clean home, otherwise, you're probably overlooking it without even knowing. Depending on the species, fecal matter can look like random piles of ground pepper, or they can look like rice-sized brown pellets. The pellets are dangerously similar to mouse droppings, though, so make sure you confirm who the actual culprit is with a pest professional.

Cockroach Evidence #2: Smear Marks

Admittedly, smear marks are just a different type of excrement. The difference between pellets and smear marks, though, is the level of moisture in your Tyler home. Access to higher levels of moisture could be as simple as an easy entry point, where cockroaches nest outside or under your home and come inside for food, or it could be from an ongoing moisture problem due to leaky pipes and extensive water damage.

Cockroach Evidence #3: Egg Capsules

Once a cockroach infestation has become a bit more established, you'll start discovering reddish-brown capsules around your Tyler home, often in areas more hidden away. These capsules are often mistaken for seeds and beans, which is a dangerous mistake to make, as each egg capsule contains roughly 10 to 60 eggs.

Cockroach Evidence #4: Shed Skin

As egg capsules hatch and cockroach nymphs grow, they'll shed their skin up to six times before they reach maturity. Discovering shed skin around your Tyler home is a sure sign that you have an extensive cockroach infestation on your property that requires immediate attention.

Cockroach Evidence #5: Musky Odor

This is the last evidence you'll discover before you start seeing live roaches around your home because it's the biggest sign that you have an overwhelming infestation. The musky odor is a pheromone that cockroaches release in their excrement, inviting more and more roaches onto your Tyler property, and if it's begun permeating your home then there's enough of a population to cause some serious health problems. Breathing problems, pathogen contamination of food and food prep surfaces, and asthmatic complications are all dangers that come with cockroach infestations.

How To Get Rid Of A Cockroach Infestation On Your Tyler Property

The biggest problems with attempting to get rid of a cockroach infestation on your own are they're incredibly resilient against most store-bought pesticides, and they're far too good at hiding for most people to discover the entire nest. Thankfully, you don't have to worry about guesswork and frustration. Our pest technicians at Innovative Pest Control are experts at getting rid of dangerous infestations, and we only use the highest quality pest control products in all of our treatments. With our pest-free guarantee backing each treatment, you're sure to receive the results you need at an affordable price.

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