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October 6, 2017

How To Gain Advantage Over Texas Pests

Texas weather is perfect for everything. We get to enjoy football longer, we spend more time outside, of course, there are more hours in the day. It is always warm in Texas. While the warm Texas is great for us, it also creates the perfect environment for more bugs and longer pest seasons.

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The Benefits Of Year-Round Pest Control

Texans know that year-round pest control is the best way to beat bugs of all kinds. Innovative Pest Control has three different pest control plans that help you gain an advantage over the troublesome Texas pests.

  • Advantage Plus+ - The Advantage Plus+ plan starts at only $29 per month. The plan includes quarterly pest control services that cover more than 16 common indoor and outdoor pests, including ants, roaches, spiders, in and around your Texas home. The year-round pest control plan provides you with rodent monitoring and control to keep overwintering pests from becoming a health problem for you and physical danger for your home.

  • Advantage Total - The Advantage Total plan from Innovative Pest Control includes everything in the Advantage Plus+ plan, and adds a couple more services. The Advantage Total protection extends, even more, coverage to subterranean termite protection and 5 additional pests.

  • Advantage Gold - If you want the gold standard of pest control, turn to the Advantage Gold plan. The Advantage Gold plan from Innovative Pest Control includes additional services to control 5 additional pests and subterranean termites, as well as seasonal mosquito control and fire ant reduction services.

Each plan comes with a guarantee that if bugs come back, we do as well. You can call us anytime in between your quarterly pest control treatment to handle new pests the sneak in and pop up. Call now to see which residential pest control plan from Innovative Pest Control is ideal to help you combat Texas pests all year long.

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