Even Yellow Jackets Love Tyler, Texas

September 9, 2019

a yellow jacket landing on the paved driveway on an easters texas property

The term yellow jacket can be deceiving. For instance, did you know that some yellow jackets are not yellow at all? Some are black and white, others are red and white. But all of them are equally troublesome here in Tyler. Are you dealing with these insects on your property? Perhaps you are looking for a way to not have to deal with yellow jackets this summer. Either way, we have an answer for you, coming right up.


Things You Should Know About Yellow Jackets

The first thing you should know about yellow jackets is that, depending on the species, their nests can be found up high or down low. The most concerning of the two is when they are found down low because even normal tasks such as mowing the lawn can become dangerous. Yellow jackets are extremely aggressive. When yellow jackets feel that they or their nest is being threatened, they are quick to attack, and they are unforgiving when they do so, stinging AND biting multiple times, possibly pursuing victims many yards and easily maneuvering around obstacles in the way. If you have never been stung by a yellow jacket, we assure you it is not a fun experience--especially if you are allergic.


How To Avoid Yellow Jackets Around Tyler, TX

If you are looking for a way to avoid being stung by yellow jackets this summer, here is our advice.

  • Avoid wearing bright-colored clothing.

  • Do not wear sweet-smelling scents. This includes hairspray, cologne, and perfume.

  • If you have fruit trees in your yard, clean up after them as they drop overripened fruit.

  • If you feed your pets outside, pick up their food and water bowls immediately after they are done with them.

  • After outdoor gatherings or meals, make sure to clean up thoroughly since meats and sweets can be attractants for yellow jackets looking to settle down.

  • Keep your yard well maintained and holes filled in so that yellow jackets cannot burrow and build nests.


How Innovative Can Help With Yellow Jackets

It is a safety precaution to take the above steps to keep yellow jackets away. It is, however, seriously dangerous to try to remove a yellow jackets' nest without professional help. If you are seeing yellow jackets, of any color, buzzing around your property, its time to call in the pros.

For assistance with the yellow jackets on your Tyler property, consider reaching out to Innovative Pest Control. Our professionals are the best in the business and your best choice to safely handle stinging insect problems.

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