Banishing Bed Bugs From Your Tyler Home

November 21, 2019

a bed bug infetstion multiplying in the night at a tyler texas home

There are few pest problems that are quite like a bed bug infestation. Most pests will come into your yard, explore the exterior of your home and get in through the cracks they find. These can be stopped by treatments around your home. But bed bugs don't live outside. They are indoor pests. When bed bugs get into Tyler homes, they do it by hitchhiking. This makes them extremely difficult to keep out. But not impossible. Today we are offering a few tips for banishing bed bugs and stopping them from returning.

Banish Those Bed Bugs

It can be extremely difficult to get rid of bed bugs once they've gotten into your home because they are hard to see and very hard to find. The best course of action is to hire a licensed professional who has experience in eliminating bed bugs. There is, however, a chance you can arrest an infestation if the bed bugs haven't spread themselves around yet. Here are two suggestions:
Put infested items that can tolerate high heat inside your dryer for 30 minutes. Sustained heat kills bed bugs in all stages of development. 
If you find an area of infestation, you can try using rubbing alcohol to kill bed bugs directly. Alcohol acts as a desiccant. But keep in mind that spraying rubbing alcohol on adult bed bugs can be difficult because they will scatter when you uncover their hiding place. Rubbing alcohol is mostly useful for eliminating eggs (which don't move). You can find eggs in luggage, bags and other carriables.
Put all your bedding, sheets and pillowcases in a dryer for 30 minutes.

Keep Bed Bugs Out

When you spend the night anywhere, always do a check for bed bugs or the warning signs of bed bugs. The warning signs are tiny white eggs, shed insect skins, brown stains, black streaks or bed bugs crawling around.

  • While staying anywhere, always keep your laundry in a sealed plastic bag. Bed bugs are highly drawn to items that have been worn.
  • When you return home from spending the night somewhere, run all your clothing through a hot wash and a dryer cycle. If you have other items, such as duffle bags or sleeping bags, consider putting them through a 30-minute dryer cycle as well.
  • Teach your friends and family to take these steps to prevent bed bugs.

Use these tips to stop a bed bug infestation before they take root and remember that the team at Innovative Pest Control is always available to help you with bed bug infestations once they've found places to hide in your home. The bed bug experts here at Innovative Pest Control know how to locate and eliminate these insects with great success. Reach out to us today for immediate assistance.

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