A Guide To Ridding Your Tyler Home Of Rodents

November 14, 2019

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Do you suspect a rodent may have gotten into your home? It wouldn't be surprising. Rodent are common Tyler pests. This is because they are equipped with strong, sharp teeth which they use to chew small holes into bigger holes or to make holes where there were no holes before. Once inside, they can cause all kinds of trouble. They chew on building materials, they damage stored goods, they contaminate food, they spread ticks around, they leave urine and feces everywhere, and much more. If you're having trouble with these common Tyler pests, we have some suggestions that will help.

1. Seal Your Exterior

The first step is to inspect the outside of your home and patch up any pre-existing holes that allow rodents to get in or holes that rodents have created. A high-quality silicone caulk, some expanding foam and some wire mesh will help get the job done. This will make it harder for new rodents to replace the rodents you're about to trap and remove.

2. Trapping

There is no better way to remove rodents from a home than to apply rodent traps. When you place your traps, be sure to put them next to the wall where rodents come into contact with them. When setting the bait, don't use cheese. You'll have more luck with peanut butter or sticky rice.

3. Consider Getting Some Help

If you seal your walls and capture some rodents with your traps, your rodent problem may be resolved. But there are two things you should keep in mind:

  • More rodents may try to chew their way into your home. If you have ongoing rodent monitoring and control for your Tyler home, you can reduce rodent populations and reduce the risk of another infestation.
  • When you handle your rodent infestation on your own, you may not get them all. If you don't, rodents will continue to damage your property and spread illness in your home. They could even chew their way through a live wire and cause a house fire. It is always best to have a licensed and experienced pest professional handle serious pest threats like rodent infestations. Take a moment to learn how Innovative removes rodents from inside Texas homes.

Mice and rats are a serious threat to property and health. For assistance with this pest control concern, reach out to Innovative Pest Control. We service Tyler, Dallas, Fort Worth and the surrounding areas with industry-leading pest control. We can help.

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