The Many Benefits Of Year-Round Pest Control

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Do you know that there is an ecosystem of bugs and animals that live around your home? Mosquitoes come into your yard to bite you. Spiders come into your yard to eat those mosquitoes. Wasps come into your yard to feed upon the spiders. Skunks, rats, and other animals feed on the wasps. And it goes on and on. It is a pest-eat-pest world out there. If you have a grub problem, you're likely to invite a mole infestation. Moles feed on grubs by the bucket load. If you have a mouse problem, you're likely to battle with snakes. Snakes love to be where the mice are. This complex network of "potential" pests is not easy to manage. It requires real know-how. This is the first of many reasons every home should have year-round pest control.


The pests you're going to deal with in the fall are not necessarily the pests you're going to deal with in the summer. Each season comes with its own unique pest pressures. Sure, some pests can be an issue in several seasons, but understanding which pests are going to be the most trouble for the season you're in is vital for proper management. It is also important to make sure pest treatments are applied before pests become a problem. Sort of like putting the tracks down before you drive the train through.


Pests don't stop. Neither can your pest control efforts. Year-round pest control is ongoing pest control. While pests are applying constant pressure on your home, your pest control technician will be applying the appropriate pressure to keep them at bay. As pests apply pressure to the exterior walls of your home, your pest control technician will be treating vulnerable areas and making sure you have a barrier that will keep those pests out.


There is nothing worse than finding out that your home or your belongings have been irreparably damaged by bugs or wildlife. Yet many people only seek out pest control after they have already suffered. Bed bugs are allowed to bite over and over again for months. Termites are allowed to create structural damage to a home. Cockroaches are allowed to create ongoing health problems. But it doesn't have to be this way. Year-round pest control proactively prevents pests and works to arrest pest issues before they lead to frustrating and harmful consequences.


When your pest control technician shows up for a routine inspection or treatment, they might pick up on other issues they didn't come to specifically address. They may be taking care of a tick treatment in your yard and notice that mole tunneling is present in your yard. When they do, they'll let you know and you'll be able to get that problem dealt with quickly.

Year-round pest control is comprehensive in another way. As we mentioned above, it is a pest-eat-pest world. When your technician takes care of a rodent problem around, or inside, your home, it is going to indirectly address other potential pest infestation like lice, mites, ticks, and fleas. Do you know that a single mouse can have as many as 100 ticks on its body? When ticks first hatch, they can be almost microscopic, especially if they are from a species of tick that are already small, like the blacklegged tick.

Kill Two Birds With One Stone

There are a lot of pests that invade our yards and try to get into our homes. Fortunately, they don't all need to be targeted directly. Some pest control measures work to deal with multiple pests. And a mixture of products can be applied to one location where a mixture of pests are known to hide or congregate.

Peace Of Mind

Year-Round pest control isn't just a quality of life upgrade. It is essential protection for your home, your belongings, and your family. When you have year-round pest control from a trusted pest control provider, it brings real peace of mind all year long.

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