The Best Way To Protect Your Property From Problematic Pests


In the great state of Texas, pests can be a problem regardless of the season. If cold weather nor storm can slow pests down, how can you better protect your property?

Commonly found pests in Texas include ants, wasps, rodents, ticks, mosquitoes, termites, spiders, and more. Some are huge nuisances, while others can be lethal. Simply put, pests like these are problematic regardless of their size, subspecies, or number of legs. Sometimes, they seek out human homes to get out of the blistering summer sun. Other times, it’s the winter winds that drive creatures indoors. No matter the season, the truth is, certain pests will be a threat to you and yours if not protected against them.

Managing Pests Alone On A Case-By-Case Basis

Oftentimes, property owners just want to get individual pest problems out of the way as easily as possible. They see hiring a professional pest control agency as too much of a hassle, so they don’t look ahead to future infestations or building the defenses of their properties. All they want is whatever problem they’re facing at the moment to disappear. In the long run, however, this case-by-case, no-help-needed mindset is incredibly harmful, not only to you but your property itself. Quick effect DIY treatment tips rarely ever hit pest populations at their core, much less prepare your home for another. Worst of all, you’re only setting yourself up to be overwhelmed in the long run when disaster inevitably strikes.

Controlling Pests With The Power Of Pros

Since treating pests on a case-by-case basis has its drawbacks, maybe it’s more beneficial for your property to be protected year-round. So how can a partnership with a team of specialists not only keep pests at bay but far, far away? As the name would imply, Innovative Pest Control is constantly pushing the envelope with our three most robust pest control programs:

  1. Advantage Plus+ is the cheapest of these three options. Starting at $29 monthly, Innovative Pest Control will work to monitor and treat a plethora of problematic pests, ranging from rodents to venomous insects. Our services will be year-round, prepping for seasonal and weather shifts. Coverage will last between seasons, include our Make It Right Guarantee, and more, including surveys for termite infestation.
  2. Beginning at only $49 a month, Advantage Total provides property owners in Texas with all the benefits of Advantage Plus+, but with our advanced subterranean termite monitoring backed with full subterranean termite protection. Similarly, Advantage Total widens the swath of pest coverage you will receive in the ant family, accounting for Argentine ants, whose multiple queen colonies make them nearly impossible to squash one-by-one, and the odorous house ant, whose name-implied uncleanliness is infamous for spoiling food.
  3. Advantage Gold is our most vigorous pest control program of all, packaging everything included in Advantage Plus+, Advantage Total, and more. We’ll be keeping our eagle eyes out over the seasons for times when irritating pests like mosquitoes and fire ants come out to play near your property, eliminating all traces of ant colonies and using our ingenious In2Care mosquito trap to make certain you never have to bother with these blood-hungry bugs.

Contact Innovative Pest Control to find out how to get started today. Our pest control experts are dedicated not only to removing problematic infestations but transforming your property into a pest-proof zone all year round.

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