Trying to Handle Bed Bugs on Your Own Is Just A Bad Idea

Bed bug

No one likes unexpected guests, especially in the form of pests. Bed bugs can be a huge problem during the winter months because people are traveling and returning from trips. Whether or not you traveled during the holiday season, you probably had visitors or left your home occasionally. Bed bugs can be picked up in many places including movie theaters, restaurants, and cars. There are no guarantees that bed bugs won’t make their way into your home. Is there anything you can do to protect your home from bed bugs in Texas?

Identifying Bed Bugs

One important step in preventing a run-in with bed bugs is to know how to identify them. Bed bugs are tiny black bugs that live hidden in soft, dark places. They’re often found in beds and furniture. Even if you have a bed bug infestation, there’s a good chance you’ll never see the bugs themselves. However, you may see evidence of their presence. Bed bugs are messy eaters, so you may see stains on your sheets and bedding. You may also see shed skins or dead bugs. You may be alerted to a bed bug problem because their bites are appearing on your skin. These are small, hard bites that can appear on the skin that was exposed while sleeping.

DIY Bed Bug Control

Can you get rid of bed bugs in Texas? What’s the best way to get rid of bed bugs? are questions we are asked often. Some problems may have an easy solution, but unfortunately, bed bugs are not one of them. Bed bugs are incredibly difficult to get rid of and require professional help.
Many people attempt bed bug removal through do-it-yourself solutions. This is partly due to the misconception that bed bugs are shameful and only live in dirty or uncared-for houses. This is simply not true. Bed bugs are extremely resilient and can appear in any home, any time of year. There’s nothing wrong with asking for help before these pests cause any more harm!
People also believe that getting rid of bed bugs with DIY methods is cheaper. They may follow steps like washing and drying bedding at high heat or putting bed bug-infested clothes in the freezer or spraying the house with store-bought chemicals. The reality is, these methods don’t work effectively. For one, they only target specific areas—so if bed bugs have spread beyond your bed, you won’t kill those bugs. Many do-it-yourself treatments also only target mature bed bugs. You’ll eliminate them for a while, but as soon as the eggs hatch, you’ll have the same problem all over again.

Effective Bed Bug Treatment

Instead of wasting your time on ineffective solutions, contact Innovative Pest Control for a lasting solution. Our treatment is safer than spraying chemicals everywhere, and it won’t damage your home or your belongings. We have years of experience dealing with bed bugs. We know where they hide and we can target everywhere in your home that has bed bugs, eliminating each and every bug for long-term relief. Trust us when it comes to Texas pest control.

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