Texas Property Owners' Ultimate Cockroach Control Guide


Have you ever had a laundry room separate from your main house structure? Maybe it’s in the garage or a small building/attachment in the backyard. This is the case for many residents, and, to make matters worse, many of us end up having to do laundry at night. 

If you have cockroaches on your property, this casual trip to the laundry room can turn into the stuff of nightmares. Even if you don’t have to do laundry outside, just turn on your backyard lights and look out. You might see them scurry away from your door. Don’t lie to yourself: whether it’s in your house or out on the back porch, you know that whenever you see a roach, it makes your skin crawl. But that feeling isn’t the most serious issue that roaches can bring with them.

Texas Roaches

There are four types of roaches that plague Texas homes the most. And the more you know about them, the more you’ll realize that they aren’t just unsettling, they’re dangerous too.

  • American Cockroaches: Although these actually originated in Africa, these are the largest and most common roach found on the continental US. Brown or dark red in color, they thrive in areas of high moisture (basements and underneath kitchen appliances).
  • German Cockroaches: These smaller pests can be just as big of a problem. Tan to light bright in color, they are very talented at finding food that isn’t properly stored or sealed.
  • Oriental Cockroaches: Similar to American cockroaches, but with a glossy finish on their backs. They love eating the decaying matter in gardens and can become a real scourge in the yard.
  • Smokey Brown Cockroaches: These are the darkest shade of brown/black of all four. These guys are given away by their wings and skill in flight. This gives them multiple ways to get into your house.

Hazardous Luggage

Roaches are talented travelers, they’re also talented carriers. The problem is where they like to travel and what they like to carry. They spend most of their time (when not infiltrating your home) in highly contaminated areas like landfills, sewers, and garbage cans. While they spend time in these places, they can pick up all sorts of bacteria that they can transfer to every surface of a home: the refrigerator door, food-prep surfaces, the dishes in the sink, etc.

These roaches also secrete pathogens as they travel through your home and squeeze through cracks in the walls, creating a risk for allergic reactions in humans and pets. This dark, musty smell is actually one of the sure signs of a roach infestation, so if you begin to smell the funk, check for roaches. Other signs include smears by the cracks in walls, windows, and doors (left by secreted allergens), along with dark egg capsules in the corners of the room or under kitchen appliances.


Since roaches pose such a severe health risk, prevention is an absolute priority. There are a few measures you can try on your own, but these will have inconsistent results. It helps to keep your home decluttered and clean. Roaches thrive on loose trash/crumbs/food supplies, so keeping the dishes done every day and storing food promptly and properly is a must. You can also try to identify where these pests are getting in, so sealing every single entry point and weather-stripping the doors is another option.
If these options sound time consuming, (or you’d rather just have the guaranteed protection against a serious health threat), then going with the pros is what you need. The best form of cockroach control is on-going professional pest control from Innovative Pest Control. Contact us today to protect your home and family from the four dangerous roaches that plague homes.

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