How To Get Rid Of Yellow Jackets

Yellow Jackets

Anyone who has ever had an encounter with yellow jackets is unlikely to ever forget it. These stinging insects, genera Dolichovespula and Vespula, get their name "yellow jackets" from their yellow and black bodies. Yellow jackets measure around 10-26 mm in length and while the majority are black and yellow, some exhibit white and black coloration. Unlike a bee, a yellow jacket's waist is thin and defined, and their elongated wings fold laterally when they are at rest. These social wasps live in colonies that may be comprised of thousand of bad tempered individuals. 

The Problems Associated With Having Yellow Jackets On Your Property 

When provoked, yellow jackets tend to sting. A lot. And their stings are not only painful, they can be dangerous. They can cause an allergic reaction, or even death, to those who are allergic to yellow jacket stings.

Here are two places you can find yellow jackets on your property:

Ground Nests

Yellow jackets love to establish nests in holes that animals have dug in a yard. When this happens, the nest often remains hidden until someone unknowingly goes near it, creating vibrations in the ground, which will bring about a swarm of angry, ready-to-sting yellow jackets that will do anything to protect their home. This can happen even from a distance, if someone is mowing the lawn. And if someone unwittingly steps on a yellow jacket nest, this can crack the nest open and release a multitude of wasps all at once. These aggressive insects are known to swarm, chase, and even go around obstacles to reach their target. If this happens, it is futile to jump into the water to avoid them, since their aggression can outlast a person's ability to hold their breath.

Nests In Outbuildings

Yellow jackets are notorious for getting into sheds and other outbuildings. They will even build nests in odd places such as old stored furniture. By the end of summer, these nests can be quite large and, if disturbed, can cause an angry swarm and multiple stings. To make matters worse, yellow jackets don't lose their stinger when they sting. So, even if you encounter only one angry yellow jacket, you can still be stung repeatedly.

 Yellow Jacket Prevention Strategies

  • Remove nests: The most effective way to prevent painful yellow jacket stings is to be sure you have no nests on your property. And since it is dangerous business to try to remove nests on your own, it is best to call upon a professional pest control company.

  • Remove protein sources: Yellow jackets are often drawn to a property in the first place because there are food sources. These insects primarily eat protein, so if your yard has lots of caterpillars, spiders, flies, and other insects, yellow jackets will love you for it. Reducing all pests in your yard will reduce your chances of yellow jackets establishing a nest. A professional pest control company can take care of these insects for you. Another source of protein would be food left out on the grill or picnic table.

  • Remove sweet things: Yellow jackets also love anything sweet. If you leave a cup of Cool-Aid or Pepsi or anything else sweet lying around, you are sure to attract insects such as yellow jackets. Even if you wear perfume or use sweet smelling shampoo or body wash, this can lure these insects in.

  • Remove not-so-sweet things: Yellow jackets are also attracted to the smells in an open trash can. (Many insects and pest animals are.) So make sure to keep all of your outdoor trash either inside a sealed garage or in properly sealed garbage containers.

  • Cover crevices, holes, voids in your home: If you have areas where nests could be established, fill in these areas or screen them in so that invading yellow jackets are not able to make their way inside. Similarly, secure all outbuildings if possible.

  • Remove yard debris: Yellow jackets love to establish nests in various places. The fewer objects you have lying around, the less likely you will be to have unwanted yellow jackets nests established on your property.

 How To Get Rid Of Yellow Jackets

If you are already dealing with these dangerous insects on your property, it is time to call in the professionals, before an incident happens. The professionals here at Innovative Pest Control will be happy to help. You don't have to live with dangerous yellow jackets on your property. Contact us to schedule yellow jacket treatment services today.

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