Essential Spring Wasp Prevention Steps For East Texas Residents


Did you know that at temperatures below 50 degrees Fahrenheit wasps begin to have difficulty flying? Although it is true that, here in Texas, the weather does not get cold enough for us to see a reprieve in other pest pressures, luckily enough it gets just cold enough for wasps to take a break from buzzing around and ruining our outdoor gatherings. The question is, as the weather warms back up this spring, are there any steps you as a homeowner can take to keep wasps off of your property and away from your get-togethers?  Let's find out.

Why are wasps attracted to my property?

When wasps fly through neighborhoods from yard to yard, they have one big thing in their minds, “where can I find the next sweet thing”. They don’t mean awesome, they literally mean sweet. Wasps are attracted to anything with a high sugar content.

On your property, this could be provided in a number of ways:

  • That can of soda you left out while mowing the lawn.

  • The sweet barbecue sauce that dripped under your grill when you were cooking last night's dinner.

  • The jelly you threw away last week that is still sitting in your open garbage can by the curb. 

If your property has sweet things hiding about, you can be sure wasps will be interested in sticking around.

What can I do to keep wasps away?

The best way to keep wasps away from your property and gatherings is simply to reduce the factors that attract wasps. The fewer sweet things wasps find on your property, the less likely they are to stick around and build a nest.

  • If you cook or eat outside, make sure you clean up any excess food or beverages when you are finished.

  • Consider topping outdoor trashcans with airtight lids.

These steps should help keep wasps from settling down on your property.

How The Professionals at Innovative Pest Management Can Help

If you already have wasps nesting on your property, the professionals at Innovative are here to help. Not only do we possess the tools and skills to remove any and all wasp hives from your property, but we also have the treatments to deter wasps all together. The best way to protect your gatherings this spring from unwanted stingers is to call Innovative Pest Management to schedule home pest control services. It is our pleasure to help.

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