Why Carpenter Ant Season Lasts Year-Round In Texas

Carpenter Ant

In many states, you could probably argue that carpenter ants might become less of a problem as the seasons get colder during the year. Usually, carpenter ants are introduced into homes that are already close to an existing colony. Old stacks of firewood, dead logs, moist tree trunks, and wooden fencing are all prime examples of areas that are likely to have a carpenter ant infestation. The difference between carpenter ants in more northern states and carpenter ants here in Texas comes down to the fact that our climate remains more within the same warm to moderate temperature range throughout the entire year. This means that carpenter ants will not slow down, they will not die off, and they will continue to thrive in and around Texas homes no matter what season it may be.

Problems Carpenter Ants Cause In Your Home

Much like the problems termites cause, carpenter ants are a problem because of their habitual need to constantly chew through wooden structures. However, what sets carpenter ants apart from termites is the fact that carpenter ants don’t consume the wood they chew. They only use the wooden components of homes to create extensive tunnels and living spaces for their colony. Nevertheless, carpenter ants put many homes at risk for severe structural damage. Moist wood is often targeted when carpenter ants first enter your home. However, carpenter ants will have no problem tunneling through dry wood as well to create their nests. Additionally, a carpenter ant colony will continue to grow and create more tunnels for additional nests that will lead to more ants and extra tunnels and additional nests if they are left alone for an extended period of time.

Carpenter Ants Are Attracted To Moisture

Often, a carpenter ant problem points to an existing moisture problem in your home. Carpenter ants prefer homes that have a lot of moist wood, and while carpenter ants can and will chew through dry wood, they will almost always choose to start tunneling through moist wood rather than dry wood. Make sure your home is as moisture-free as possible. This will reduce the chances of your home becoming a target.

Carpenter Ant Control For Your Home

A carpenter ant infestation is a year-round problem, and year-round problems call for year-round solutions. Thankfully, scheduling an inspection for your home is as easy as picking up your phone. Year-round pest protection is no issue at all for the professionals here at Innovative Pest Control. With our Advantage Plus+ home pest control plan, our team of licensed pest control experts will make sure your home stays free of pests all year long. Keep your home protected with a little help from Innovative Pest Control.

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