Warning Signs Of Post-Holiday Rodent Intruders


The holidays are over, a new year has begun, and normal life is kicking back in after a busy season. You’ve taken down the holiday decorations and, now that your visitors have gone home, you have your house back to yourself again. Or do you? Winter is a prime time of year for rodent infestations. In the midst of all the hustle and bustle of the holidays, it’s possible that rodents have entered your house without your knowledge and made themselves at home.

When the weather is cold, and food and water sources are at their lowest, rodents look for warm shelter that also provides sustenance. Occupied homes are usually the best source for all of their needs. It’s possible that your home has been attracting rodents without you even realizing it.

How Rodents Get Inside

There are several attributes that may attract rodents to your property and home over the holidays and throughout the winter. Consider the following as you enter the new year:

  • Your holiday decor featured berries or nuts.

  • You like to feed the winter birds.

  • A spare dish of pet food is regularly left outside.

  • Your lawn and landscaping offer plenty of areas where small rodents can hide.

  • There are small holes in screens, around doors and windows, or in roofing.

If any of the above characteristics describe your home and property, rodents will know your home offers a plentiful food supply and that it provides easy access for them to make themselves comfortable.

Warning Signs Of Rodent Intruders

Once inside, rodents will choose a wall void, the attic, or a storage area in which to nest. Then they will explore your home for food when all seems quiet. If you notice any of the following signs, you may have a rodent infestation:

  • Rustling in your walls or ceiling.

  • Small black droppings on your countertops, in cupboards, or on the floor.

  • Damage to clothing, cardboard boxes, and their contents, or walls.

  • Frayed wiring from their gnawing.

What To Do If You Notice Any Of These Signs

If these signs are present, or if you’ve seen the rodents themselves, it’s important to get rid of your rodent problem as quickly as possible. Rodents not only damage your belongings, but they are a hazard to your family's health. They spread disease and introduce parasites to your home.

Getting Professional Help Is The Best Plan Of Action

Traps are not always effective, and they usually don’t take care of every rodent in your home. It’s always wise to get the help of professional pest control technicians. Innovative Pest Control has years of experience eliminating rodent infestations. We know how to find them, how to get rid of them, and how to prevent their return.

Your holiday guests have gone home, so make sure there aren’t any unwelcome guests still living in your home. If you need help to keep your home rodent-free, call Innovative Pest Control.

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