How Are Spiders Getting Into My Home?


Creepy crawlies, 8 legged horrors, one of Halloween’s very own mascots; the spider has made its name. Some are known for their potent venom, others are known for their ability to run and jump at lightning-fast speeds, all are known for their ability to scare humans. Especially when we find them where they don’t belong, inside our homes. Whether venomous, fast, dangerous, or not, one thing is very true, no one wants spiders in their home.

How Spiders Get Into Your Home

Spiders are known for their agility and sticky feet. In fact, these two abilities provide spiders with a number of options when invading our homes. Most commonly spiders will get in, in the simplest way possible, by crawling through an open door or window. If your exterior doors do not have door sweeps, a door doesn’t even need to be open for them to slip inside. Another way these creepy crawlers will get in is through crevasses or damage found in the foundation of your home. Consider locating these points of entry and sealing them with caulking. In the same way, check your door and window screens for rips or tears that spiders may use to gain access to your home. If they are broken, get them back into working order.

When it comes to spider prevention, exclusion is key, not just for spiders, but for the bugs that sneak inside first, the ones spiders are following to find, catch, and eat. The good news is that all of the above tips work for both spiders and their prey.

Spider Hot Spots

Generally, spiders love clutter. This means they will commonly choose areas of your home that offer them a lot of places to hide and hunt. Often times we will provide spiders with these conditions without even thinking about it, by packing away or storing items in closets, attics, garages, or basements. The simple fact is, the less clutter your home has, the fewer places spiders have to hide. Resulting in fewer reasons for them to invade.

No Matter How They Got In, Innovative Will Get Them Out

When it comes to spider prevention, there is no one better for the job than Innovative Pest Control. Our methods and techniques are finely crafted and designed to fit the pest prevention needs of each home we visit, and our pest technicians are qualified for the job. If you want spiders out for good, contact the professionals here at Innovative, and find a pest control and prevention plan that is just right for you!

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