Why Get Professional Protection Against Ticks For Your Home

Tick crawling on skin

There are hundreds of species of ticks, and many of them carry diseases. They can be a threat to both humans and pets. Ticks are an invasive species of pest and are difficult to combat on your own. The best way to keep your family and your pets safe from ticks is to obtain professional pest control protection against ticks for your property.

What are the problems ticks bring?

A healthy, uninfected tick may cause little to no harm to people and pets, usually nothing more severe than an itchy bump. The problem is that many ticks carry and transmit tick-borne illnesses. When looking at a tick there is no visible way to tell whether a tick is carrying a disease. A tick that is carrying Lyme disease or Rocky Mountain spotted fever can transmit it through a bite to its victim. Issues can be as minor as mild skin irritation and as severe as long-term neurological complications, and even death if left untreated.

Why are ticks difficult to fight alone?

Outdoors, ticks primarily live by feeding on the blood of wild animals such as deer, rodents, birds, and other small mammals. As these animals are constantly on the move and not confined to one area, they help move ticks from one place to another. When ticks are not attached to a host animal they live in brush, under leaves, in tall grasses, and on trees waiting for their next victim to pass by. Female ticks can lay thousands of eggs at a time, which means you could be facing a large tick population on your property rather quickly.

How can professional pest control fight ticks? 

While having a completely tick-free environment is nearly impossible due to the reasons mentioned above, professional pest control can reduce the number of ticks greatly. At Innovative Pest Control, we target the areas that ticks are likely to live and breed. We focus on areas around trees, brush, and grasses at transition areas of your property, the perimeter of your yard, and any other problem areas we can identify.

By treating your property, we can help reduce the risks ticks pose to both your family and pets. Contact us to schedule a visit to your home so you can enjoy your yard this year without being overrun by harmful ticks.

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