How Mosquito Control Works

Mosquito Control

It is hard not to notice that mosquito-borne diseases are becoming more of a concern here in the United States. Some experts attribute this to the ever increasing affordability and availability of air travel. Others link the rise in diseases to changes in the ecosystem of the planet. It all depends on what expert you talk to. At Innovative, all we know for sure is that mosquitoes can be dangerous. They are directly linked to West Nile, dengue, malaria, Zika, yellow fever, and other medically important viruses. That is why we offer comprehensive mosquito management for homes and businesses in Texas. Whether you're planning an outdoor event, or want always active, ongoing mosquito protection, Innovative Pest Control can help. Here's how it works:

Mosquito Control Basics 

The concept of mosquito control is simple, fewer breeding sites and fewer mosquitoes equals fewer mosquito bites. Every time. There are two primary ways we control mosquitoes: 

  • A trained technician will do a detailed inspection and address areas that allow mosquitoes to breed on your property.

  • An application of EPA-approved product will be applied to mosquito resting places. 

What many people don't know is that the average mosquito doesn't travel more than 300 yards from where it hatched. That means the mosquitoes that bite you in your yard probably came from your yard, or somewhere nearby. That is why mosquito reduction services can have a big impact. 

If you have mosquitoes eradicated in all of the hiding places in your yard, those mosquitoes won't breed in your yard, or in the yard of someone who lives near you. You effectively reduce the mosquito population in the whole area when you have your home treated. It has been scientifically proven that dead mosquitoes don't lay eggs. 

When mosquitoes come into your yard and hide in areas that have been treated, they die. That means they won't be breeding in your yard or going back out of your yard to breed more mosquitoes that can come into your yard. 

Single Treatment 

If you're only planning to use an outdoor area for a single event, you may only need a single treatment. Life can keep us pretty busy. If you're only going to use your backyard for a wedding, family reunion, picnic, corporate event, or gathering of friends, you may only need a single treatment. 

When a mosquito mist is applied to strategic locations in your yard, the application can last several days. During that time, your yard will be actively killing mosquitoes and reducing the number of eggs planted in the area. This treatment will also help to destroy mosquitoes on the day of the event. Mosquitoes are not very good at flying. When they go to perch in foliage, they're not likely to come back out to make another attempt at finding a blood meal. 

Seasonal Service 

If you use your backyard a lot, and would prefer to not get bitten by mosquitoes every time you lay by the pool, enjoy a cookout, do some gardening, or play some yard games, seasonal mosquito treatments are the way to go. 

We'll make sure your mosquito protection stays active, and keep you informed of conditions in your yard that may be allowing mosquitoes to breed. While we can't guarantee that you'll have no mosquitoes, we can tell you that some customers are amazed by the difference ongoing treatments have made to their quality of life. Mileage may vary. But, it is definitely worth finding out how effective this program will be for your yard. 

Do you have fire ants? Our Outdoor Live Program covers mosquito control and fire ant control in one comprehensive program. This is definitely the way to go if fire ants keep encroaching on your property. While fire ants don't carry dangerous viruses, they are definitely miserable to have around. 

For more information about how mosquito control and fire ant control works, or to schedule a free inspection of your property to assess the pest pressures around your home or business, reach out to us today. Innovative Pest Control offers innovative, industry-leading pest control solutions for all of the pests we have here in Texas. Get your protection in place, and start enjoying your backyard again. 

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