How Can You Tell If You Have Moles Or Gophers In Your Yard?


As spring approaches and you start looking forward to warm days, planning your garden, and more time outside, the last thing you are probably thinking of are moles or gophers. While these pests are generally harmless to humans, they are not harmless to your lawn. Now is the perfect time to start thinking about what do to if you’ve seen moles or gophers in your yard since fall. But first, you may be wondering how you can tell if you have them and what their damage looks like.

Signs Of Mole & Gopher Activity

One sign that your yard has either moles or gophers inhabiting it is soft spots. As you are walking around your yard you may notice that your lawn feels springy or as if your feet are sinking a little. This is due to these animals tunneling below the surface of your lawn.

You may notice holes or dirt piles. As moles and gophers tunnel underground they displace dirt, much like ants. While that probably doesn’t seem like a big deal, it can become problematic as the root structures of your grass and plants are damaged. You may observe your lawn dying off or your garden looking ravaged.

Moles & Gophers Suddenly Appearing

If you didn’t have any moles or gophers in your yard in the fall, you could be wondering why they’ve suddenly appeared in the spring. Both moles and gophers are generally solitary creatures. The exception is during mating season, when they venture out looking for a partner. This, as with many animals, takes place in late winter and early spring. Once they mate and have their babies they move on, since  they don’t stay with their young for long. These factors mean that they may venture into your yard looking for a new place to mate or after they’ve left their young.

What attracts gophers & moles?

While these animals differ in their feeding habits, the thing they have in common is that they prefer lush lawns and gardens that are full of grubs, worms, and bugs for moles, and plants for gophers. You did beautiful work over the summer and into the fall to create a lush lawn. However, your efforts may come back to haunt you in the spring as these pests find your well-maintained yard an attractive home.

Professional Pest Control Can Help!

Because of the nature of their underground activity, moles and gophers are nearly impossible for homeowners to catch on their own. At Innovative Pest Control, we have techniques and the professional know-how to rid your lawn of gophers and moles. Call us to evaluate your pest problem and get your garden and yard back the undisturbed beauty that is was in the fall.

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