Texas Termites Are Still Active; Here’s How You Can Stop Them!

Termite on Nest

Contrary to popular belief, termites do not die in the winter. They can remain active year round, especially in warmer climates in states such as Texas. As we approach fall, it’s important to understand that termites are still a threat and that East Texas residents should take steps to stop them.

Termites Can Stay Active Year-Round

The lifespan of worker or soldier termites is around two years. This means that they aren’t dying off quickly as winter approaches and that your termite threat will not simply go away. Termites continue to forage and search for food (and protect their queen) year-round. Queens can live for as many as two decades in some cases, meaning if they establish a colony in your home, they will be there for a very long time--if nothing is done about them. In cold climates, or during unusual cold spells in Texas, termites will burrow far into the ground to stay warm and survive. In a heated home, where they’ve established a colony inside wood, they will continue causing damage as long as they have a food source.

Warning Signs Of Termites In Fall

Termite activity is slightly different in the fall than it is in late spring or early summer. Mating and expanding to satellite colonies away from the main colony tends to happen earlier in the year. By fall, a colony is usually well established in your home. Rather than looking for swarms, you’ll want to look for the more subtle signs of an already established colony. Signs to look for might include old dead discarded wings, mud tubes around your foundation or around the basement, or wood shavings. You may also see signs of buckling in your walls or floors and even hear the movement of termites if the colony has grown large and done enough damage.

 Professional Preventative Treatments

Termites are not a pest that homeowners can take care of themselves with DIY treatments. You need to consult an expert in termite prevention and treatment services. At Innovative Pest Control, we have exactly that. We will work with you to inspect your East Texas home and eliminate termite infestations (if you have one) and take steps to prevent one (if you don’t). We use the eco-friendly, non-invasive Sentricon® System with Always Active™. This system eliminates termites and establishes a barrier so that termites won’t come back. It’s not too late this fall to contact us at Innovative Pest Control-- as termites are a year-round problem here in Texas.

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