Preparing Your Lawn For Fall Gopher & Mole Problems

Gopher hole

If you happen to spot a mole or gopher darting across your lawn, you might not pay much attention to them. They aren’t fear-inducing pests like spiders, snakes, cockroaches or rats. While moles and gophers are relatively harmless and don’t pose a health threat to humans, they can do a lot of damage to your lawn. They don’t mean to be a nuisance, but their natural movements and burrowing behaviors are destructive. They tend to do the most damage to our lawns in the spring and fall when the soil is perfect for extensive digging.

Spotting Moles& Gophers

Moles are small and grey, like mice, but have a longer snout and rounded larger front feet with claws. 
Gophers are a bit larger, growing to around a foot in length. They are brown in color and have short legs and chipmunk-like cheeks.

Destruction From Moles & Gophers

As moles look for food, they sort of “swim” right under the surface of your lawn. As they do so, they push up the dirt they are moving through, causing ridges to form all over your lawn. You may also spot molehills where they burrow into the ground and deeper tunnels where they raise their young.

Gophers are a bit different as they dig larger holes. And they like to eat your plants, so you might notice your plants dying off as gophers destroy the roots or pull the plants down into their burrow.

If you wander around your yard and notice holes and piles of dirt, you might not be able to tell the difference between mole and gopher damage. But take note that molehills look like an ant hill, with a volcano-like shape, whereas Gopher dirt piles take on a more horseshoe or crescent shape. Gophers don’t tunnel immediately under the surface, the way moles do, so you may only experience soft sinking lines in your lawn from gopher tunnels. And moles eat insects, so you won’t see the disappearing plants from moles the way you do with Gophers.

Getting Rid Of Moles & Gophers

Some people try using traps to get rid of moles and gophers, but these are largely ineffective. Moles are too small to get caught in these types of traps and primarily stay underground. While you may be lucky to lure a gopher into one, you’ll run into trouble trying to relocate it. Regardless of which pest you are experiencing, nothing beats professional control from the pros at Innovative Pest Control. Give us a call and we can discuss options for you in getting rid of both moles and/or gophers from your property. Life is just better without lawn destroying pests on your property.

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