Why Bed Bugs Love East Texas In The Fall

Bed bug

This can be a sad time of year, saying goodbye to summer and all the fun times we had on summer vacation. It can also be sad because we may have unknowingly brought bed bugs home to East Texas with us from our vacation spots! If we missed the signs when we returned home, then we may be discovering our extra guests now that fall has settled in and bed bugs have settled in with us.

Unfortunately, hotels remain one of the most problematic areas for bed bug infestations. But the problem is not just confined to hotels. Anywhere where multiple guests pass through in rapid succession can be a prime location for bed bugs to pass through too. This can include motels, vacation homes, bed and breakfasts, public transportation, crowded shops, restaurants, amusement parks, museums, and any other spot people are likely to frequent on vacation.
Does that mean you should stay home and not take summer vacations? No. But you should take precautions when you travel and when you return home so you don’t find your home infested with bed bugs in the fall.

Knowing The Signs Of Bed Bugs

Obviously, the best thing to do is to thoroughly check any place you might be staying for signs of bed bugs. Even with taking that precaution you may still pick up bed bugs in your suitcase, beach bags, and other belongings. Therefore, you should check again when you return home.

Leave your bags outside and do an inspection. Consider taking anything that’s washable and putting it immediately into the laundry on high-temperature to wash and high-heat to dry. Wipe out suitcases and store in airtight plastic if possible. Examine books, maps, coolers, towels, and anything you brought home with you.

Bed bugs can live in all sorts of temperatures so they don’t die off in fall the way many other pests do, so you can’t take a wait-and-see approach if you discover bed bugs. They won’t just disappear as cooler weather approaches.

Our Bed Bug Control Offerings

DIY methods of bed bug elimination are completely ineffective, so it’s important to call Innovative Pest Control right away. The quicker you can get on top of a bed bug problem, the easier it is to contain and eliminate. At Innovative Pest Control, we use a 3-step bed bug control process which includes inspection, implementation, and elimination of all your bed bugs. Call us now if you find yourself with a bed bug problem this fall after your summer vacation!

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