Should I Be Concerned If Our Neighbors Have Termites?

Termites destroying wood

Residential neighborhoods are great! All of the kids can play together making lifetime friendships, and there is always someone around to help out when there is an emergency. Neighborhoods are also helpful because you can always tell when termites are around. That telltale termite control vehicle will pull in into one of your neighbors' driveways, and that may be the first sign of termite infestations in the area.

If you know your neighbor is experiencing an infestation, you should be very concerned that termites could also be infesting your own home and weakening its structure. Termites prefer to live outdoors underground but can find themselves a way inside your home while foraging for food. They can travel from their colony in your neighbor's yard into yours, setting up satellite colonies and building nests inside as well.

How Termites Destroy Your Home

Termites eat cellulose materials that can be found in structural wood, beams, boards, paper, cotton, and books. Since your home is probably built of wood, it is literally a feeding ground for termites, and termites don’t mess around. Each colony can have up to 5 million workers, and a property can house multiple satellite colonies whose queen lays up to 10,000 eggs each year. In Texas, it may not be a matter of “if” termites try to invade your home, but “when.”

Prevention is key when dealing with termites. You will want to keep termites from entering your home in order to prevent costly damage that can be done without your knowledge. You can help prevent termites by making your home less attractive to termites. Remove piles of wood around your home, including old tree stumps and fallen trees. Fix plumbing leaks immediately, and be sure that gutters direct water away from your foundation. In addition, sealing off all entry points is extremely helpful in termite prevention. If you live in East Texas, Innovative Pest Control understands the dangerous threat that termites cause. We are standing by with experience and technology to help you eliminate termite activity in your home and prevent any new activity.

Innovative Pest Control is in the business of protecting homes and buildings from termite activity through use of the Sentricon® System with Always Active™. This integrated system provides ecologically friendly treatment housed in bait stations, which are installed all around your home or other buildings. This creates a protective barrier that keeps termites out, and works to effectively eliminate entire termite colonies, including the queen. However, the #1 most effective way to eliminate and prevent termites is by contacting our professionals at Innovative Pest Control, in East Texas.

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