The Perfect Outside Event Starts With Mosquito Control

Mosquito biting

Planning a large event can be very stressful. There are lots of details to think about, and even more so if the event you are planning is going to be held outside. How are you going to keep the drinks cold and the food hot, how many tents do you need to rent, should you hire a band or DJ, how many guests can your outdoor space handle, are hot dogs and hamburgers OK or do you need to hire a cater? See what we mean?

Lots of decisions to be made and lots of details that can potentially be overlooked; after all, you're only one person right? One detail that we don’t want you to overlook is mosquito control. While mosquito control may not already be on your list (that’s OK, our feelings aren’t hurt that you didn’t remember us) we want to remind you that it absolutely should be! Nothing can ruin an outdoor wedding, corporate event, family reunion, or birthday party like swarming, biting mosquitoes.

Benefits Of Mosquito Control

Putting into place a professional mosquito control program before you hold an outdoor event, large or small, is important for many reasons, including the following:

  • DIY mosquito control is not effective and spraying chemicals that you are unfamiliar with around your property before hosting guests is not a great idea. Leave the mosquito control up to professionals who have a complete understanding of these pests, including where and how to treat for them in a safe and effective manner.
  • Mosquitoes spread disease. Mosquitoes feed on the blood of a wide variety of hosts, meaning that they have the potential to spread a wide variety of disease, some being very serious. Help protect your guests from the diseases that mosquitoes spread by reducing on your property.
  • Your guests will be more comfortable and have a better time at your event or party if they are comfortable and aren’t needing to spend their evening swatting away biting mosquitoes or scratching at their itchy bites.

To protect your guests from mosquitoes, the professionals at Innovative Pest Control offer our effective mosquito treatments for outdoor events. To protect your guests from biting mosquitoes our professionals will come to your property before your event in order to perform a targeted treatment which works to drastically reduce mosquito numbers. This treatment is not only highly effective, it lasts for days! To learn more about our mosquito treatments or our Outdoor Living Program, contact us today at Innovative Pest Control!

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