Bed Bugs Invading Schools

School backpack

By now you have probably read an article or two about how to protect yourself and family from coming into contact with those ever-present, highly invasive, blood-feeding bed bugs. And while knowing how to protect yourself from coming into contact with bed bugs while traveling and staying in hotels is very important, it is also important to know how to protect yourself and family from coming into contact with bed bugs in your day-to-day life.

How do bed bugs end up in our schools?

Bed bugs can be found in the library, the movie theater, in hospitals, in shopping centers, and now they are even becoming a fast-growing problem inside schools. Whether you have a kindergartener, high school or college-age child, knowing how to protect them from coming into contact with bed bugs while at school is important to help stop bed bugs from hitchhiking their way into your home on a coat, backpack, or sack of laundry.

It is important to understand as a parent, that anyone in your child’s school has the potential to be carrying bed bugs on their body, clothing, or in their backpack. Bed bugs can find their way into any home and can, unfortunately, affect any family. The best way to help stop bed bugs from being able to hitchhike their way into your home is to have a good understanding of what they look like (reddish-brown, oval in shape, six legs, and flat body) and to inspect your kids clothing, laundry, backpacks, and other belongings for bed bugs after returning home from school. While this may seem tedious and time-consuming, it just may save you from experiencing a bed bug infestation inside of your home.

Bed Bug Prevention & Treatment

In addition to the above prevention tips, listed below are some things that you can do or teach to your children to help reduce their chances of coming into contact with bed bugs and infesting your home:

  • Making sure that your kids understand how important it is that they hang their backpacks, coats, hats, and other belongings on their individual hooks or place them inside of their cubbies. Stress how important it is not to lay their belongings on top of a classmate’s belongings.
  • Your kids' outerwear- coats, hats, mittens, scarves, and backpacks that they use on a daily basis should be washed regularly in hot water and then be placed inside of a dryer on the highest heat setting to dry.
  • If your child hosts a sleepover in your home, wash all bedding on a high heat setting and thoroughly vacuum the rooms that they stayed over in after the friends leave.
  • When your college-age kid comes home with a month worth of laundry, tackle it immediately, start with the bedding, and contain it in one area of your home, preferably the laundry room.

If you ever notice bed bugs on your child or their belongings after returning home from school immediately notify the school of your findings so that they can quickly seek professional help. If you notice dark streaks, red spots of blood, insects that could possibly be bed bugs, or piles of shed insect skins on or underneath of sheets, pillow cases, mattresses, box springs, furniture, or on the walls in your home, contact the bed bug professionals at Innovative Pest Control right away.

Our professionals will quickly come to your home to perform a thorough inspection and if necessary complete the services needed to eliminate a bed bug infestation from your home. To learn more about our bed bug solutions or to schedule your free bed bug inspection, give Innovative Pest Control a call today!

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