Why Fall Cleanup Can Help Prevent Winter Pests

Fall yard cleanup

It’s that time of the year! It’s time to be conscious of the stuff that we’ve got lying about from the undeniably busy summer and even busier back-to-school season. Unintentional clutter is something that every family deals with, especially if we have children or grandchildren running about. This is amplified in the warmer months when we spend all of our time enjoying the beautiful weather and the great outdoors. While this is an exciting and busy time of year, it also leads to an increased risk of pest infestation if we aren’t careful about taking care of our accumulated clutter.

Prepare For Winter

You’re familiar with spring cleaning, right? Late autumn cleaning is just as important, if not even more so! Think about what’s different in your house or on your property since the start of springtime. What improvements have you made in the past 7 or 8 months? Did you take care of the leftover mulch? What about the machinery you used to maintain your property? Perhaps you have an above-ground pool or hot tub… did you take care of the products and equipment related to these luxuries? Is the garage or shed tidy and secure? As the weather cools, mice are going to be looking for places to hunker down and breed. Your equipment and leftover materials are ideal places to provide shelter for mice and other pests, especially if these things are in an area attached to or near your home or business.

Year-Round Pest Control

Even with these cleanup efforts, there is a good chance you might already have some localized pest or rodent problems. The best way to know that you for sure won’t need to deal with these annoying buggers is by being diligent in prevention. A year-round pest control program is the only real way to be certain you won’t need to worry about an infestation. By bringing in professionals to handle the prevention, you can continue on your busy schedules and not have to be as concerned with the ramifications of leftover clutter heading into wintertime. Additionally, it will be nice to have the peace of mind that a pest prevention professional will take the time to look over the property regularly, diligently looking for signs of infestation. Some things are better left to the pros. Contact Innovative Pest Control to discuss further measures of pest prevention today!

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