How To Get Rid Of Yellow Jackets


If you've ever had a run in with a yellow jacket nest, we don't have to tell you why it is important to get rid of yellow jackets. These are aggressive insects that swarm and pursue humans for several yards, sometimes even going around obstacles as they give pursuit. And a swarm of yellow jackets can happen at any time. You may vibrate their ground nest while mowing the lawn, disturb a nest hidden in your shed when you pound on a piece of wood, or do some other activity where noise or vibration can cause a defensive reaction. So it is vital that every home or business owner learn the basics of prevention when it comes to guarding against yellow jacket stings.

Yellow Jacket Prevention

  • Since these are fierce nest-protecting insects, the best way to avoid getting swarmed or stung by yellow jackets is to make sure you don't have nests in your yard. And the only way to safely and effectively locate and remove yellow jacket nests is to have an education in proper pest control protocols. For best results, have an experienced and trained pest control technician take care of this for you.

  • The reason yellow jackets come into a yard in the first place is they are drawn by food sources. Yellow jackets are primarily protein eaters. If your yard has an abundance of flies, caterpillars, spiders, or young insects, yellow jackets will be happy to establish a nest. Reducing all the pests in your yard will help reduce yellow jacket nests as well.

  • These stinging pests also like sweet things. If you leave a soda can or a cup that had something sweet in, you can lure these insects in. If you wear perfume or cologne, you won't just be attractive to humans, you'll be attractive to yellow jackets as well.

  • An open trash can is likely to draw yellow jackets faster than flowers. Make sure all of your exterior trash is put in sealed cans.

The Bottom Line

Ongoing pest service addresses nests that are near your home and works to reduce the bugs that yellow jackets feed on. Your yard doesn't just have one pest in it. It is a varied ecosystem of encroaching pests. At Innovative Pest Control, we offer comprehensive pest control plans that deal with a wide range of harmful and invasive bugs around your home, so they don't get into your home. Find out about our Advantage Plus+, Advantage Total, and Advantage Gold plans and get your protection in place today.

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