German Cockroach Prevention Tips

German cockroach

There are many different types of pests that can invade our homes and our lives here in the United States. Each can cause their own set of problems, from the annoying to the downright deadly. Few cause the distress and rank as high on the ick-factor scale as the German cockroach. Like its American cousin, the German cockroach can be found all over the country in a number of different places, hiding by the hundreds until the lights go out so they can begin their search for food.

Why Cockroaches Thrive In Our Homes

The typical American kitchen has everything a pest like the German cockroach needs to thrive: easy access to food and water, dark hiding places, and constant shelter from the elements and predators outside. Mostly, the same reasons we like to live there too. After their human hosts have turned out the lights, the cockroach slips out from under the appliances or cabinets and quickly descend on the kitchen in search of a late-night snack. Crumbs on the floor, open bags of cereal or grains in the pantry, even that one plate that got missed while dishes were being done can be canvassed by these fast little bugs in a very short time. By the next morning, your seemingly tidy kitchen may have been thoroughly inspected by roaches making their way across counters, inside cupboards, across the stove and the fridge, or into your bags of flour, sugar, bread, or other food products. The German cockroach can carry as many as 33 types of bacteria, several parasites, and countless pathogens including salmonella, dysentery, and toxoplasmosis. These diseases spread easily to the unsuspecting human hosts, with potentially dangerous consequences.

Cockroach Prevention Tips

There are some ways that a homeowner can discourage cockroaches from choosing their house. First, check all of the windows to make sure that all the screens are in good shape and any opening or crevice is filled with caulking or weather stripping. The doors leading inside will also need to be checked for access. Essentially, if you can see light around them, the weather stripping needs to be replaced. Make sure that the trash outside is not stored too close to the house, and that it is regularly removed from the property.

Pay attention to what is going on inside your home to deter cockroaches from being attracted to it. Make sure that your kitchen area is thoroughly cleaned of crumbs and leftover food every day. Sweep, keep the dishes done, and store bagged staples like breads, cereal, flours, and rice in airtight plastic or glass containers. Make sure that you routinely clean under your stove and refrigerator and inside your pantry to pick up any crumbs or spills that might have occurred. Keeping clutter out of the kitchen can also reduce hiding spots for cockroaches. Finally, make sure that the trash is taken out regularly.

Professional Cockroach Control For Your Home

As careful as we are, sometimes the German cockroach still finds our homes appealing. When that happens, give the experts here at Innovative Pest Control a call for professional cockroach control services. For over 25 years, our team has been protecting homes all over the region from threats like the German cockroach using the most effective products available. One call is all it takes to find out just how we can help you reclaim your kitchen and the rest of your home from pests.

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