Bed Bug Awareness Week

Bed bug

We all remember our grandparent’s dire warning about bed bugs when we were getting tucked into bed. Most of us likely thought it was a silly way to say goodnight, but when the silly little rhyme about bed bugs biting in the night was first sung, bed bugs were a problem across the country. Then, these tiny, apple-seed-size creatures all but disappeared making most of us think that they were a thing of the past or nothing more than a silly ditty. In recent years, the bed bug has made a huge comeback in the world of household pests now being found in every single state across the country.

Finding & Preventing Bed Bugs

The Professional Pest Management Alliance has designated June 4th through June 10th as Bed Bug Awareness Week. Summer time is a peak travel time for many people in the US. As kids come home from college and family vacations and summer camps are underway, it is easy to forget the bed bug. Being sneaky by nature, they would be more than happy to make your house their new home. It only takes a minute for an unsuspecting traveler to pick up a bug or two; and a few weeks later, they have a souvenir of their travels they never intended.

The Professional Pests Management Alliance wants to encourage all travelers to be aware that it is important to keep their eyes peeled when they check into any hotel rooms, camps, or even when visiting a relative’s home. Before unpacking a bag, take the time to look over the room you are in. Check out the mattress, especially near the head of it, and look under the sheet and mattress pad for signs of bed bugs. You might find drops of blood or tiny brown streaks that are likely fecal matter from bed bugs. While unlikely, you may see the bugs themselves, both dead and alive. If the mattress is clean, take a few minutes to inspect the other furniture in the room as well.

The last thing any of us wants is to bring pests into our home after we travel. Upon returning home, be sure to throw all of the clothing that you brought in the washer using hot water, even clothes that weren’t worn. Bed bugs are extremely sneaky and often hide there. Then make sure any bags brought in filled with memories from the trip are inspected and that your luggage is inspected and vacuumed before putting anything away.

Schedule Bed Bug Control Treatments Today

Bed bugs may not make themselves known for several weeks after a trip, and it is easy to miss something when inspecting. If, after a trip, you experience any unexplained rashes and bite marks or if you notice any other sign of a bed bud activity, give Innovative Pest Control a call. Our trained bed bug control technicians know just where to look for the source of your troubles and can figure out the best removal methods for the extent of the infestation. Calling Innovation Pest Control will put you on the path to a bed bug free home quickly and discreetly.

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