How To Start 2018 Pest-Free

Wildlife in the trash

Starting the new year is all about turning over a new leaf, and it is always nicer to turn leaves over when there aren't a dozen bugs underneath. Bugs like moist, dark, hiding places, like those leaves in your yard or in your gutter – and understanding this is the first step to having a pest-free home.

While it is true that some bugs and wildlife will come into your yard simply because it is there, you actually have some control over how many will choose to. Here are 3 reasons pests will be attracted to your yard:


Pests can be drawn to lights at night, open trash, an abundance of plants, other bugs, and more. When you reduce or protect food sources, you reduce pests.


Pests will hide and breed in a wide variety of hiding places. A clutter-free yard is a pest-resistant yard.


Many bugs are drawn to moist soil and moist wood, and those bugs are food for other bugs.

How Pests Get Into Your Home

There are many ways bugs and wildlife can breach your home. Your job is to keep them from doing it. Here are 5 vulnerabilities you should address:


Repair or replace screens routinely.


It is easy for a bug to slip past damaged weather-stripping on sliding glass doors.


Cut back tree branches to prevent pests from accessing your vulnerable roofline and chimney.

Holes, gaps, and cracks

Do a detailed inspection of your exterior walls and foundation at least twice a year. If you see any entry points, repair them or use a caulking gun to fill them in.

Hidden locations

Be aware that some entry points will be in places that are difficult or impossible to get to. These require more inventive pest control measures to protect.

Partner With An Educated Pest Control Professional

We hinted at two reasons above. Some pests, like overwintering insects, are going to crawl on your walls no matter what you do. For these pests, sprayed treatments are the only real solution. Some pests enter in through locations that are hard to get to. These must be addressed with baits and exclusions. An educated pest professional has access to products and knowledge that will address pest pressures appropriately and effectively.

Make 2018 a pest-free year with help from a trusted pest control professional like Innovative Pest Control. If you're in our Texas service area, reach out to us and let's get your pest protection plan in place today. Happy Pest-Free New Year from all of us here at Innovative Pest Control!

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