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At Innovative Pest Control, we take bed bug control very seriously and have hundreds of satisfied customers to prove it!  Using only the latest science, technology, and our effective three-step bed bug elimination process, we have been helping home and business owners in our service area resolve bed bug infestations since 1992.  For effective bed bug control, partner with Innovative Pest Control, serving Tyler, Jacksonville, Lindale, Flint, and East Texas.

Innovative's 3 Step Process For Getting Rid Of Bed Bugs

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  • Inspection
    Our technicians are trained to identify the evidence of bed bug infestations and to pinpoint areas of concern.  We will inspect room(s) that are believed to have bed bugs paying close attention to beds, furniture, rugs, and linens.  If necessary, we’ll use tools that allow us to check any cracks and crevices where these sneaky bugs commonly congregate.  We’ll also inspect adjoining rooms and other areas of concern for signs of bed bug activity. 

  • Implement
    After the inspection, we will share our findings and propose the best course of action.  If our inspection confirms a bed bug problem, we’ll recommend a bed bug treatment plan based on the severity of the infestation and your preferences, explain the bed bug guarantee, schedule your service, and provide you with a pre-treatment checklist prior to service!

  • Eliminate
    Our effective method(s) for treating bed bugs include steam and the application of conventional bed bug products/materials applied two to four times over four to eight weeks, depending on the severity of the infestation.  This includes an initial treatment, a 14-day follow-up visit, and a third treatment completed within 6 weeks, if necessary. 

We also install proactive bed bug products including mattress encasements and ClimbUps.


While we are treating your property, your cooperation is a must.  For optimal results, please follow our pre-treatment checklist prior to our service visit.  During the process, be vigilant about who enters your space.  If you welcome guests, there is a possibility that they could bring bed bugs in on their suitcases, bags, and even their clothing.  You should also inspect your own belongings and person after spending time away from your home, especially if you visit a public place where bed bugs are likely to congregate such as a hotel, shopping mall, movie theater, airport, or vehicle of public transportation.

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If you’re concerned about bed bugs in your home or business, investing in a bed bug control program from Innovative Pest Control is the ideal solution.  Offered as both a residential or commercial, we are constantly testing new and innovative bed bug products, in order to provide the best possible bed bug elimination services.  Serving Tyler and East Texas, our company is ready to get rid of your bed bug problem, schedule your free bed bug inspection today!

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